Kiva Energy Assets


KIVA Energy Propane Rail Terminal Rocklin CA March 2017

KIVA Energy People

It’s the most important asset of your wholesale supplier. You can put the experience from major oil companies and large multi-state retail companies to work for you. Call us today and we’ll put THEIR experience to work for YOU.


KIVA Energy Trucks

Professional, well-trained, customer-friendly drivers. Modern, well-maintained equipment. Safe, consistent deliveries with familiar faces. Does it make a difference? We think so. Kiva has customized their propane transports to carry larger loads. This allows us better control over our freight rates and better value for our customers. Also, our GPS monitored trucks provide a real-time look at the status of your load.


KIVA Energy Rail Terminals

Kiva Energy owns and operates rail terminals in Riverbank and Rocklin in California and in Reno, Nevada. Our facilities have storage for over 2,000,000 gallons of propane to help us make sure our customers have the supply needed during times of peak demand. We maintain terminal relationships with dozens of other terminals and import over 800 tank cars annually to insure ratable supply for all our customers. These rail terminals give us that flexibility to supply propane to all our locations.


KIVA Energy Rail Cars

Kiva Energy has its own fleet of rail cars. These cars give us the additional flexibility to purchase product from a wide variety of supply locations across the US and Canada. Our customers also have the option of having tank car deliveries in addition to trucks being scheduled directly with our Kiva team.


KIVA Energy Portable Tanks

We have (12,000 to 18,000) gallon tanks on wheels/porta-pacs that are available.


KIVA Energy Supply

Just a few supply points won’t do. Strategically placed supply at all the key locations will provide the reliable supply that you want. Kiva Energy has over 25 supply points throughout the Western US. By taking price averages and then delivering out of the most efficient supply points ensures each customer a fair market price. Fair pricing and safe, reliable deliveries are the bedrock of Kiva Energy.

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